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My Second Meeting With Shahrukh Khan

10th June 2005 IIFA WEEKEND

After my meeting with Shahrukh at the temptation concert, I always knew deep in my heart that I will see Shahrukh one more time.

When I heard that the IIFA awards would be held in Holland, I was sooooo happy.
A few days later I heard that there would also be a festival at the Airport for the arriving stars.

I couldn’t sleep well the week before the IIFA, everybody was telling me not to cry this time if I get the opportunity to meet Shahrukh again. I didn’t promissed them anything, because I can’t think right when he is close to me. It's like I'm not here on earth.

Friday 10th june I was at the airport with my mom and a friend of mine.
First Fardeen Khan came, then Shahrukh.
Everybody was screaming Shahrukh and again I was sitting silent and cried.
They made a stage at the airport to interview the stars when they arrived.

After Shahrukh came out of the gate he went to the stage, he talked to his fans then with a jounalist. He was in the middle of his conversation when he saw me. He said 'How are you sweetheart'. He saw me crying and said to the journalist 'One sec I’ll meet my friend first' then he left his conversation with the media and came towards me. Ohhh my god I can’t explain what I felt that moment. He came and huged me. Then he kissed my hand, it was sooo beautiful. He sighned for me on the picture that we made at the temptation.. Then I asked him to help me stand up from my wheelchair. He said sure, he came sooooo close and helped me to stand up. He took me in his arms. All I did was crying. Then he helped me to sit back again.
He is so sweet, so so nice, so caring. There are no words to discribe Shahrukh.

After the festival so many people at the airport asked me why Shahrukh left his conversation and came to me. A jounalist came to me for an interview she asked me several of questions. Like why Shahrukh helped me stand up. I explaind to her what Shahrukh means to me, that he is my only inspiration. I couldn't talk to much, the tears were stroming out my eyes.

After Shahrukh helped me with the first stap, I want to practice and do my very best to get back on my feet, so that one day Shahrukh can see that it was his magic that made me come so far.

He means the world to me, he did so much for me, it means so much to me. I think I would never be able to thank him for all he has done for me.

There is no one like Shahrukh, I think nobody else would have done what he did for me.