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Saturday 21st Of August 2004
                 Ahoy, Rotterdam
At The Temptation Concert

The Most Unforgetable & Most Beautiful Moment Of My Life

My Dream
               Came True


My Very Special Meeting With

         Shahrukh Khan


21st August 2004    Temptation Concert

Like all the other fans of Shahrukh, it was also my dream to see Shahrukh in person.
On 21st of August 2004 The Temptation concert was held in Ahoy (Rotterdam).
As my brother loves me so much he decided to get in touch with the organizer of Temptation (Sakeer), in order to arrange a meeting with Shahrukh for me.
By sending a letter to Sakeer in which my brother
explained why I should see Shahrukh, I got a positive reply. Sakeer had 100% guaranteed that I could meet Shahrukh, but when we went to the Temptation, sakeer and his staff pretended as they knew nothing about any meeting
arrangement with Shahrukh.
When I heard that I couldn't meet Shahrukh I
cried alot.

The show started at 21.00 'o clock, my family was attending the concert with me. I really couldn't believe my eyes when Shahrukh came on stage. Everybody was screaming of joy, except me sitting there and crying. Everybody was standing in front of me, I couldn't see anything, so my brother took me at front. I was so close to Shahrukh. My brother tried his best to arrange something for me there to meet
Shahrukh, he talked to the security people, but they didn't allow anyone. I told my brother "I only will leave this place, after I meet
Shahrukh". We were standing close to the hall were the actors went to change. I saw Shahrukh running into the hall, we screamed his name but
he couldn't hear it because of the noise.

I had bought Shahrukh a gift, my brother asked a security man to give the little gift to Shahrukh. He saw me crying and said, I make sure you can give it yourself. I was soooo happy. I waited to see this man again, but he was gone. Suddenly I saw Shahrukh's wife Gauri standing beside us. I pointed her to my brother and said that's Gauri, Shahrukh's wife.
So he went to her and said that I wanted to see Shahrukh. She saw me crying and ran into the hall to get Shahrukh for me.

I felt my heartbeat all over my body, after a few seconds I saw him coming out of the hall. He was looking everywhere, then his wife told him where I was. He saw me and walked toward me.
 Ohhh God I just couldn't look at him. I was crying with my hand in front of my face. He was sitting on his knees and took my hand away from my face. I
couldn't say a word, I couldn't think at all. My brother told him that he is my only inspiration. Then Shahrukh hugged me; it was the most
beautiful moment in my life.
He wanted to see me backstage after the show.

At the end of the show someone came to us and took us backstage, I saw Shahrukh with his son Aryan. He came and said I will go and change then I'll come back to you. We were waiting about half an hour and then he came. My brother made
those beautiful pictures. I gave him the little gift I bought.
He was so close, he looked straight into my eyes and said thank you very much.
Then he kissed my hand. Aryan was standing next to him. He is so sweet. Just like his dad. After all this beautiful moments he left with my gift in his hand.

I didn't get the opportunity to thank Gauri Jhi for what she did for me. I hope someday I will get a chance to thank her.

I am very thankful to God and my family, in special my brother, who was
very caring and alert on that special evening. Without him I wouldn't have had a chance to meet Shahrukh.

My dream came true,
I hope the dream of all his fans will come true some day.

Thank You God and thank you Shahrukh